This is a collection of images of all the Warhorse albums.

All the photos I took of my personal copies because there are NO good quality images of the covers online ANYWHERE. The only ones that I don’t have are the first demo self titled album,  the second demo titled “Winter” and  the Lysergic Communion album (those images are from the internet).

If anyone knows where I can get my  own copy of either of these three, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

I have digital versions, but to have it in hand would be ultra sweet!



1. I See Blinded

2. Upon This We Die

3. Shameless

4. Laid To Rest

5. The End of Innocence

  • Artwork By – Krista Van Guilder
  • Bass – Jerry Orne
  • Drums – Mike Hubbard
  • Layout – Krista Van Guilder
  • Mastered By – Bruce Bennett, Ed Morgan
  • Music By – Warhorse
  • Recorded By, Mixed By – Shane Koss
  • Remix – Bruce Bennett, Mike Hubbard
  • Vocals, Guitar – Krista Van Guilder

1. On Your Knees

2. Thy Cup Runneth Over

3. Death’s Bride

4. Lysergic Communion

  • Mixed By –Guy Orrell, Mike Hubbard
  • Producer – Guy Orrell, Warhorse